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BAYMEC Community Foundation is excited to finally introduce its next phase of presenting queer history!


Following the digital exhibition Queer Silicon Valley, Coming Out represents the physical manifestation of San Jose/Silicon Valley's deep history of the LGBTQ+ movement.​

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Coming Out: 50 Years of Queer Resistance and Resilience in Silicon Valley

BAYMEC Community Foundation has worked diligently with History San Jose and Exhibit Envoy in creating an expansive and representative showcase of our rich cultural and political history. Much like its digital sibling Queer Silicon Valley, Coming Out: 50 Years of Queer Resistance and Resilience in Silicon Valley seeks to highlight the unique experiences of San Jose/Silicon Valley's suburban LGBTQ+ movement.

Coming Out contains some significant cornerstones of the local LGBTQ+ history, such as: Bars, businesses, and community centers; Sisterspirit; Pride; Drag, balls, courts and leather; Arts; HIV/AIDS; LGBTQ and tech; Trans rights; Crime; Political victories; Marriage equality; and an encapsulating History timeline.

The Coming Out exhibit is currently displayed in Arbuckle Gallery at History San Jose, open Sat-Sun from 12-4pm. You can learn more from History San Jose here.

Additionally, you can acquire timed-tickets below or at History San Jose.

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